Social Media is exactly that: SOCIAL.  It’s an opportunity to have a conversation with your fans, followers, and potential audience.

In today’s world where authenticity is rewarded + interruptive advertising is a dead-beast, Social Media is an incredible resource for brand building + community engagement if done properly and thoughtfully, leading with value-added information.  Customized development strategies for select social media platforms will not only keep your brand relevant + top-of-mind, but drive traffic to your other digital properties.  Keep in mind that social is a small but necessary piece of your brand.

Consistent daily posts will build your brand community, and contribute to the digital touchpoints that need to be fulfilled in a 360-digital + social strategy.  The best way to engage with your peeps is to add value to the conversation by offering information, exclusivity, or something that is of value to your audience. Determining what that mix of the buying process is for your brand goes hand-in-hand with the content that we will create + launch for your brand. 

Social Stories have taken on a whole new life recently, with Instagram at the fore-front. Instagram Stories and #IGTV have changed the game.  

For brands + businesses who have less than 10K followers on Instagram, #IGTV is your saving grace.  You can include links and long-form content on #IGTV with support from static posts and Instagram Stories. The only downside is that IG Stories are extremely time consuming.  Aside from the content strategy + planning that goes into the development of any social media platform, #IGTV and Instagram Stories require authenticity + production from you and your brand team.

Having a designated member of your team collecting lifestyle content for stories is highly recommended.  Peppering in brand-happenings, inspiration, and promotions is recommended as well.

Instagram Story Highlights are also a must-have. When your highlights are optimized and informative, it will boost your visibility and grow your audience overtime.