A brand is not a logo.  A brand is not a collection of fonts.  A brand is not a typeface. A brand is not a tagline.  

We’re going in deep, my friend.  My approach to branding is sticky.  It has staying power. It resonates.  Why? Because we’re going to define your brand in terms of building a community + a tribe.  This is 2019. We no longer get to dictate what your brand means or how it evolves. Your audience does.  BUT… a big but… we DO get to dictate the foundation + parameters of your brand. Stick with me. 

Brand Development + fostering a brand community or “tribe” is all about defining + building belief systems.  Ethos. Values. Belief systems are created through specific constructs that sustain a community (i.e. traditions, language, leadership).  "Brand-ing” is the practice of creating that community with authentic interaction online + in person. Laying a foundational brand framework and honing in on brand specifics + positioning isn’t just important -- it is absolutely necessary.

Authenticity is a driving factor.  Information is readily accessible, and “consumers” no longer take advertising + product messaging at face-value.  People want to have two-way conversations + open dialogue with the companies + people that they purchase from. Digital/social media has made that conversation possible.  Digital + social also create brand-legitimacy. Or in other words -- if you’re not online, you don’t exist.

We will kick off with a brand interview, and dive into goals and motivations to uncover key elements about your business operations + goals, lock down your brand voice, brand personality, and build your brand pillars.  From there, we’ll dive in to your visual aesthetic, setting parameters for all visual content creation, copywriting, and collaboration.  

Once we’re done, you will walk away with a Brand Bible:  A document that you and your team can refer back to, saving time and resources when on-boarding new team members, launching new products, and hiring on freelancers + creatives for content creation and other services.  When that collaboration comes around or that interview opportunity presents itself and you ask, “Is this right for our brand?” you’ve got a line of defense that exists to make those decisions FOR YOU because you’ve already decided what is effective and what is not effective for your brand.