nice to meet you.

Hi, I’m Sam.  

I’m a California transplant, born + raised in the DC-metro, with a B.A. in Media Studies from UC Berkeley.  My passion is seeing big, entrepreneurial ideas become realities + collaboratively owning the execution of those ideas.

Ah, the favorite LA-conversation starter: “Sooo, what do you do?”  For a hot minute it was hard for me to answer that question because I do a lot of everything, so I made up a term and adopted another from business goddess, Marie Forleo:  I’m a Brand Producer + a Multi-Passionate Creative Entrepreneur.

 Rad.  So, what the f!@# does that mean?

I could respond with: “Well, I execute business initiatives on a multi-departmental level with an expertise for marrying the administrative, strategic, and creative processes within a company."  OR, maybe this one won't absolutely bore you to tears... "I specialize in developing brands from the ground up, brand marketing, and content strategy....” Oh, wait… are your eyes glazed over yet?  Yeah, mine too. 

In summary, I do a lot of everything-and-anything that falls under brand, marketing (yes, even the scary analytical part), product, content, strategy, and creative..  Your modern day jack-of-all-trades, if you will.  But, hey, instead of reciting tired buzzwords + boring textbook definitions, here’s my story:  


Coming from a bloodline of politically-charged anti-authoritarianists, I was exposed to some top-tier movers-and-shakers in DC. Crash-courses in the BTS of governing-bodies at an early age only fueled my inner-rebel, who held my hand as I bulldozed every open door to the big, bad world of DC-hardcore music and event + entertainment marketing.

I got schooled early in music event marketing + production in DC, thanks to my mentors at I.M.P. and the 9:30 Club.  I produced my first philanthropy-centered music event at 17 years old with my childhood best friend, Rock for Research, and was hooked.  I developed an addiction to the experience of owning an idea + bringing it to fruition, and I’ve spent the majority of my life pursuing the type of work that originally lit a fire under my ass.

the bay.

I always knew I would end up in California. Who wears flip flops in the snow?  Anyways... A 3,000 mile trek across the U.S. at 20 years old indicated pre-career-playtime --- otherwise known as COLLEGE.

To say that I didn’t have the "normal" college experience is an understatement. Greek life and football were not on my agenda. 


My #1 goal was to work in select fields that I was passionate about (i.e. music, philanthropy, beverage, and action sports), in every capacity, while maintaining an A average at Cal.  If I wasn’t connecting with Bay Area Influencers for Red Bull or traveling for an event, I was hosting an event for Volcom, volunteering in Santa Cruz, or studying the Panopticon + Machiavellian theory in the library.  I may have missed a few football games, but I was quickly getting my chops up in the world of “Brand Marketing.” 

With over 20 national events under my belt, excelling at various roles in 2 markets in 4 years for Red Bull, creating a position in the Volcolm Retail Department to increase their sales on my campus, and acting as the first operations coordinator for GRIND OUT HUNGER, I landed a position with the Cytosport family when I graduated. I was recruited as Team Lead to help launch + roll out their Field Marketing program in the US for their Muscle Milk product line.  I collaborated with Managers + Directors, implementing new strategies for national roll-out, while covering a territory with a team of 6, that spanned 300 miles + 2 states.  This was my first experience in helping to lay the foundation for a department + national execution.

los angeles.

After 6 years in field + event marketing, my mentors suggested that I learn another side of the business:  The Agency Side. I had heard that Los Angeles was 72andSunny, so I bailed NorCal to go see for myself!  After a year as an E.A. for two of the original Partners, I asked to be put on track to be a producer.  They had something else in mind, and laid it out for me: I was already a producer.  I was producing the company on a day-to-day basis, wearing hats as not only an Executive Assistant, but also as a production coordinator for every account. A whole new world opened up for me: I was learning how to run a company. 


...And that opened up a massive can of worms because I left 72andSunny shortly thereafter to launch + run a company: SICKY EYEWEAR.  I always have a side-hustle that fills up my creative-bucket, and developing an eyewear company with my of friends, spending nights + weekends in Malibu wasn't the worst thing in the world.  In 2012, after hundreds of sleepless nights, thousands of re-written business plan pages, and 3 months of investor pitches, we acquired funding.  Shortly thereafter, I shelved advertising + assumed a position as the Vice President of SICKY.  We launched in 2013, + the brand continues to grow significantly each year.


Currently, I consult for a select clientele base, helping my clients streamline their brand messaging, missions, and strategies.  I am also developing online Brand Marketing training materials + programs curated specifically for aspiring creatives, artists, + entrepreneurs that are ACTUALLY AFFORDABLE!  ETA Holiday 2018.